Business intelligence and analytics

Having convenient access to Business Intelligence (BI) is important, but it’s often challenging to achieve. Our experienced team can help you improve your business information environment using a combination of software development and business analytics.
Exito’s skills extend to building data warehouse environments to help you store and access information that isn’t otherwise readily available. Exito’s primary BI platform is Microsoft Power BI which uses commonly used systems such as SQL, Excel and others.
We have gathered extensive experience in developing tools and solutions that transforms any business into a dynamic enterprise by actionable intelligence.

BI + Analytics = Enterprise Data Discovery

We deliver intelligent analytical applications and solutions to industries that process big data. Our solutions extend from modernization of legacy systems, apps for analytics and reporting to implementing new systems from scratch. We deliver value to our customers by leveraging the power of BigData, Cloud, Mobile and Social Media tools.

Our Expertise lies in:

⦁ Decision Support System (DSS) Big Data gathering from various sources and processing it into an intelligent and presentable system that can be leveraged to optimize and increase the business performance.
⦁ Integration of various third-party applications and legacy systems-Salesforce, CRM, SEO channels (Google, Bing adwords), Warehouse Management systems, Payment Gateways etc.
⦁ Custom Analytics; Online Marketing, Business Performance, Finance, Logistics, Warehouse etc.
⦁ Solutions are developed and implemented using the latest and best technologies – Laravel, Angular JS, Cassendra, MongoDB taking into consideration the business requirements and future goals.
⦁ Creating a 360-degree customer overview using Reporting tools like Pentaho, Jaspersoft to predict business outcome.
⦁ Click Stream Analytics-Every business that has an online presence require analysis to optimize their online efforts. Right from CTR (Click Through Rate), Online advertising, Call Management we have developed custom analytics and tracking solutions. This has enables our clients to get valuable insights in their online marketing strategy and help improve their presence thus increasing traffic to their website.

We envision that Real time analytics would be the need of the future and businesses success or failure will depend on the real-time dynamic strategies based on current/live analytics. We are already working on creating a working prototype for Real time analytics.
We work with our clients to help them understand their customers very well, segment the customer base and build offerings that match the wants and needs. With effective systems well integrated with Mobile and Social Media tools and a well integrated structured and unstructured data we begin our voyage into BigData Analytics.

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